LAST UPDATE: - April 24


Meeting Calendar & Training Seesion Fee Schedule on the Meetings page


NOTE: There will be Level 2, Level 4 and Level 5 training seminars this year.

Check the Meetings page for details.




The APJA (Judges Association) is offering a unique opportunity for existing and future judges to improve their knowledge and skills through a practical “judging” experience, much the same as what you would get if judging at a club, but on a smaller scale.

As such, we have created two free image evaluation workshops (details below). These workshops are designed to provide participants with an opportunity to enrich their understanding of judging and provoke interesting discussions around areas of judging you might not have thought of! Every participant will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their judging skills in a safe and supportive environment.

We would really encourage experienced judges to also attend - to share their vast knowledge and experience with novice judges. We’ll even put on a half decent afternoon tea! 




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