This page contains links to all APJA public documents and other useful instruments.


2019 Level 1 Training Day Schedule.

Level 1 promo Individuals.pdf


The Photography Glossary of Terms document is now available for download.

Photography Glossary of Terms.pdf(Feb 2019)


The APJA Document of Defintions is now available for download.

Dictionary of Definitions for Photographic Subjects.pdf (Nov 2018)

Please feel free to send comments and other feedback or suggest additions or modifications via the Contacts page.

Note that these two documents are fluid and will be modified and updated as often as determined by a world of changing ideas and attitudes.



A List of Australian Photographic Galleries (this list will be updated as info becomes available - send us your list)

Australian Photographic Galleries.docx  (Nov 2017)



APJA Level Accreditation Application and Other Forms

Application for APJA Accreditation 2018.pdf 

NOTE: The Accreditation Application form must be downloaded, completed on your PC then emailed

to Alfred at.... asgz_99@outlook.com


APJA Membership Application Form (June 2016).pdf 

Judging Feedback Form PDF Sep 23.pdf

Form 3 Judges Feedback Version 7 27092016.pdf

Form 4 Presentation Feedback Version 6 27092016.pdf



Form 12 V-2 Mentor Program Feedback.pdf

Mentor Program for Judges V2.pdf

Presentation Feedback Interactive.pdf


AGM Documents

2016 Annual General Meeting Agenda.doc

AGM minutes July 2015.doc

Form 6 V-4 Committee Nomination Form.doc

1. President - Position Description.doc

2. Vice-President - Position Description.doc

3. Secretary - Position Description.doc

4. Treasurer - Position Description.doc

5. Training Director - Position Description.doc

6. Librarian-Curator - Position Description.doc

7. Marketing & Publicity Coordinator - Position Description.doc

8. Webmaster - Position Description.doc

9. Honours Director.doc

10. First General Committee Member - Position Description.doc

11. Second Committee Member - Position Description .doc


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