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Business name: Australian Photographic Judges Association Inc.
Established 2014
ABN: 88188051430
Postal: PO Box 2554 Ringwood North Vic 3134
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Membership of APJA   $40 Annually on your renewal date

Our Mission

Education and training of photographic judges;
enhancing their skills to better service the photographic community.

Our Vision

Striving to continuously improve the quality of photography

Level 6 Master

Level 6 training is not about image evaluation or image judging, it has in fact travelled full circle from Level 1 being all about the judge as a person and photographic judge, through the intermediate levels which included discussion on many of the genre in photography to level 6 where at this level you will hopefully learn more about some of the aspects behind art and photography. 

Level 6 is about you being able to teach and pass on your knowledge to others.  In Master training we hope to equip you with an understanding of what lies behind your judging.