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New Committee - see Members Page


The APJA now has a new Webmaster. AND... soon a new webpage. Stay tuned.


The 2020 Level Training Session is definitely on


It will be an online course of 3 WEEKLY SESSIONS. The course has been arranged to provide the best oportunity to participate.

We kept it away from Wednesday's because that's when most clubs hold their meetings.


The schedule is as follows:

Note that all sessions will start promptly at 7:30pm and run for approximately 2 hours each.

At this stage we see no limit to the number of attendees.

The sessions will use ZOOM and be coordinated by Rob Sloane.

After you have registered and shortly prior to the start date, you will be advised of the Zoom session and provided with an email link.


Week 1: Friday 29th May

Ethical legal and Copyright Law, plus judging a series

Presenter: Gary Smith 

Week 2: Friday 5th June

Understanding Art Elements and Understanding Design Principles

Presenter: Emma Gillette

Week 3: Friday 12th June

Understanding Design Concepts and Aesthetics in Philosophy and its application to judging

Presenter: Paul Robinson



$45 for APJA members

$100 for non-members


Payment & Contact

Payment must be made via bank transfer prior to 29th May.

BSB: 063050

ACCOUNT No.:10098192

Account Name: Australian Photographic Judges Association


Once payment is made yu MUST register with Gary Smith via email :

You must also include advice of your payment.



May 4

As you should know by now, things in mid 2020 have changed dramatically from what we had considered 'normal'.

At this stage there is no new news to share but I (webmaster) am waiting on updates that might be useful to post here..

For frequent viewers of this page it will also be obvious that nothing has changed here on this site since the end of February.

As the site manager I have not been derelict in my job but actually absent from it.


I was one of the 'lucky' 2700 adults (no kids) aboard the P&O cruise ship Arcadia that left Freemantle on March 15, bound for the

exotic ports of Colombo, The Emirates, Portugal and the UK via the Suez Canal. I say 'lucky' because as it turned out, we were in fact

in the safest place in the world. All passengers, crew and staff on board had been cleared of any fevers before leaving Freemantle.

Being away from any possible contact with anyone carrying the virus gave us incredible security. We at least could relax and enjoy

the ship's facilities without restrictions. This changed part way through the cruise to the UK but only because of UK laws and hence P&O's

rules, on social distancing, which the captain was obligated to enforce. No big deal, everyone on board appreciated the situation and complied

without complaint.


The global lockdowns that began rolling out at that time had already effected our itinerary (all Eastern destination ports had been scrubbed for

obvious reasons) but while cruising up the west coast of Australia enroute to The Emirates, about 3 days from Freemantle and 200-odd kms from

Broome, it suddenly became dramatic. All ports around the world were shutting down, barring ships from entering, especially cruise vessels.


This is fine until you consider that some ships were many, many days from any refueling and restocking locations. No fuel, we drift. No food, we

starve. Couple this with a location (for us) of somewhere in the "middle of nowhere" (apparently an actual location in the Southern Indian Ocean),

the fact that internet service on a cruise ship at sea is erratic at best and expesive regardless, plus the fact that the situation would not improve until

we docked at Southampton on April 12, made keeping this site up to date a useless excercise. In fact after docking, we were bussed directly to

Heathrowe, flown directly to Melbourne where upon arrival, detained in a single airless room for 2 weeks. All this means that I did not have the

means nor opportunity to do any site maintenace.


For those who access this site for important information about APJA activities, I appologise for not being able to help.

So now that I am home, virus free, I wait for new news. I assure you I will post whatever is relevent as soon as I get it.

Stay tuned.







Latest Newsletter #37


Lending Library Update

There will be no fees applied to borrow books from our ever growing library.


2020 Training Schedule

Level 5                        22nd March

Level 1                        17th May

Level 3                        13th September

Also Image Evaluation workshops:   Part 1, 19th April, and Part 2, 14th June. (2020)


NOTE: There will be no increase in membership fees in 2020.


Over the past 12 months the membership of the APJA has grown significantly.

The only real purpose of the APJA is to provide training and support for VAPS judges and members of VAPS clubs that may at some stage like to help out with some Image Evaluation.

Sadly, more judges will retire from judging in the next year and looking at the current VAPS judges list it is easy to see that in the not too distant future many more of existing judges will also retire.

Unless we have some new people step up and add their names to the VAPS list, clubs are going to find it very difficult to get judges.

Having the right training is just as important and the APJA training courses and seminars are an important part of this education.

It is not too early to enrole in the 2020 sessions.




The APJA Lending Library is expanding AND is now open.

A variety of books on photography and judging related subjects are available and may be borrowed.

More information (and the Library List PDF) is on the Docs & Forms page.



The APJA (Judges Association) is offering a unique opportunity for existing and future judges to improve their knowledge and skills through a practical “judging” experience, much the same as what you would get if judging at a club, but on a smaller scale.

As such, we have created two free image evaluation workshops (details below). These workshops are designed to provide participants with an opportunity to enrich their understanding of judging and provoke interesting discussions around areas of judging you might not have thought of! Every participant will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their judging skills in a safe and supportive environment.

We would really encourage experienced judges to also attend - to share their vast knowledge and experience with novice judges. We’ll even put on a half decent afternoon tea! 




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