Become a Judge

How do you get your name added to the Victorian Judges Directory?

First of all, you ask the Victorian Association of Photographic Judges (VAPS) to be added and then secondly you must satisfy one of two criteria:

  • Prior to 2013 have attended a judging seminar, that was conducted by various clubs,
    or completed the VAPS judges one day courses in 2014 & 2015
    or completed either Level 1 or 2 APJA training courses.
  • or have been judging in or outside of your own club for at least 12 months.
Victorian Judges Application on the VAPS website.
Sourced from the VAPS website

Extend your Judging Skills and help the Photography Community

Level 6 Master

Level 6 training is not about image evaluation or image judging, it has in fact travelled full circle from Level 1 being all about the judge as a person and photographic judge, through the intermediate levels which included discussion on many of the genre in photography to level 6 where at this level you will hopefully learn more about some of the aspects behind art and photography. 

Level 6 is about you being able to teach and pass on your knowledge to others.  In Master training we hope to equip you with an understanding of what lies behind your judging.