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As new information is loaded to this site, it will be mentioned first on the Announcements page. Always check it first.

More judges join the APJA every month so the Judge's List in constant update mode.

If you are looking for an APJA accredited judge for an upcoming photographic event, see the list on our Members page.

Our Newsletters contain loads of interesting and informative articles and ideas for keeping you enlightened.

Information about where-&-when General Meetings and Training Events are held are listed in the tables on the Meetings page.

Our Accreditation Application forms can be downloaded from the Docs & Forms page.

A Photography Glossary of Terms and a Dictionary of Definitions

On the Docs & Forms page you will also find a couple of very fluid documents.

These documents are accompanied by a collection of other support materials for the Judges' courses under the Course Reference Notes sub-tab.

They include details of the APJA Mentor program, accreditation criteria and individual course notes.




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