This page contains documents relating to aspects of the law

and how it relates to photographers and photography.

Here you will find documents on copyright, privacy rights, street photography, property access rights,

photographing the art of others, image use, photographing children, photography in public places,

photography at events like sports, concerts, etc. and many more, including public discussions and anecdotes.


This list may expand or contract according to information availability.

Document contents may change over time depending on both changes to law and when updates become available.

If you have trouble downloading or opening any document, please use our contacts page to let us know and we do our best to help you.


NOTE: These documents are an information resouce ONLY.

The opinions contained within are NOT necessarily those of the APJA or its members (but may be).

The documents are included here as an easy-to-get-to resouce for those interested in this sort of thing.

Remember that the APJA as an organisation and the individual members of the APJA are not police

(although by profession some may be) and therefore cannot be expected to know all the intimate details

of the many and varied laws and edicts as they pertain to the arts.

Nor should they be expected to have intimate knowledge of the legal (or otherwhise) ramifications of any non-compliance

with any regulations, by-laws or edicts contained within in these documents.


It is the responsibility of the individual club, competition steward and/or photographer to have an understanding of what

is being presented to them as a competition entry and to vet/cull/remove from that competition any image that might/does

contravene Victorian, Australian and/or International law. The onus is not on the judge.



It is the responsibility of firstly the photographer, secondly the competition

organisers, to ensure images comply with the copyright and moral obligation

laws in Australia.


Also, photographers must be responsible for their own work from a legal perspective and

therefore should make the effort to at least investigate those laws.


Document total as at Nov 2017: 14


Appropriation Art - Arts Law Centre of Australia.pdf

Arts Law - Street Photographer's Rights.pdf

Artists & Copyright (G033v17)-Australian Copyright Council.pdf

Competitions (G078v05) Australian Copyright Council.pdf

NSW Photography Legal Issues Summary.pdf

Particular Privacy Issues Affecting Children & Young People.pdf

Photographers and Copyright (G011v18) December 2014 .pdf

Photographs - Copying Photos You've Paid For.pdf

Press Freedom in Australia - 2008 Report.pdf

Street Art - Is it protected by copyright - Studio Legal.pdf

Subjects Photographers Can Legally Photograph.pdf  (Summary)

Subjects for Photographers Which Are Illegal to Photograph.pdf

Thou Shall Not Photograph-The GrapevineAdam Dimech's Blog.pdf

Why is taking photographs banned in many museums.pdf



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