News no 14: This second instalment of our three part series about Still life photography features the work of Robert Beulteman from the USA.

Beulteman does not use a camera to make these images but the process is: Using high voltage electricity of 40 – 60 thousand volts where the electricity makes an ultraviolet aura of ionized gas which illuminates the subjects energy fields. A variety of visible light sources are then used to paint light onto the subject and these include xenon-strobe, tungsten and fibre-optic light which is then scattered through diffusion screens and the subject onto sheet film where the energy exposure is recorded. In essence these are photographs made with the energy of light and electricity using the living plant as both source and filter. It took two years for Beulteman, working sixty hour weeks, to develop the process and make just 25 images. This is dedication but how do people think of these things!!!!!