Kevin Best, Still Life Photographer

Kevin Best who was born in New Zealand (1960) and learnt his craft at the Australian Centre for Photography (2007 – 2009). He is reinterpreting the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age and manages to freeze time and take us back to that golden era. Kevin has amassed an extensive collection of items which featured in the original paintings, from a giant glass Roemer’s and delicate “Kraak” porcelain to German Westerwald jugs, agate and silver knives, silver cups and 300-year-old bronze candlesticks that have miraculously survived; each image can take weeks or months to fully prepare. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the significance of every item used in each work and how they interact with each other to form a narrative that had a deep significance in a time of great wealth and fear. A narrative really that resonates to this day. (Ref: DesignFather) APJA News Issue 49.

Level 6 Master

Level 6 training is not about image evaluation or image judging, it has in fact travelled full circle from Level 1 being all about the judge as a person and photographic judge, through the intermediate levels which included discussion on many of the genre in photography to level 6 where at this level you will hopefully learn more about some of the aspects behind art and photography. 

Level 6 is about you being able to teach and pass on your knowledge to others.  In Master training we hope to equip you with an understanding of what lies behind your judging.