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APJA NEWS No.37 Oct 2019.pdf

APJA NEWS No.36 Sept 2019.pdf

no August issue

APJA NEWS No.34 July 2019.pdf

APJA NEWS No.33 June 2019.pdf

APJA News No.32 May 2019.pdf

APJA News No.31 February 2019.pdf

APJA NEWS No 30 December 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No 29 November 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No.28 September 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No.27 July Aug 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No.26 May 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No.25 April 2018-2.pdf

APJA NEWS No.24 February 2018.pdf

APJA NEWS No.23 December 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.22 November 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.21 October 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.20 September 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.19 August 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.18 July 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.17 June 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.16 May 2017.pdf

APJA NEWS No.14 Dec 2016.pdf

APJA NEWS No.13 Nov 2016.pdf

Note: There are no issues for Sept & Oct, 2016. Details are covered in the Nov issue.

APJA NEWS No.12 Aug 2016.pdf

APJA News No.11 July 2016.pdf

APJA News No.10 June 2016.pdf

APJA News No.9b May 2016.pdf

APJA News No.9a May 2016.pdf

APJA News No.8 March 2016.pdf

APJA News No.7 Dec 2015.pdf

APJA News No.6 Oct 2015.pdf

APJA News No.5 Sept 2015.pdf

APJA News No.4 Aug 2015.pdf

APJA News No.3 July 2015.pdf 

APJA News No.2 May 2015.pdf 

APJA News No.1 March 2015.pdf 




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