Internet based video recording of photography judging at club competitions

The APJA provides a competition judging service to photography clubs on the basis that their commentaries align directly with the entries provided. The commentaries are encouraged to be carried out in person, by voice recording or by written summaries.

Video and Tape Recording

In regard to the video recording and/or broadcasting of a competition judging or presentation by speakers, these may be carried out for training or follow-up club meetings ONLY with the individual judge or presenter’s explicit permission being obtained at least one week in advance, providing the recordings are completely and securely contained under the club’s control. The club must provide assurance to the judge or presenter about this protection.

Internet Recording

Informal legal opinion indicates that any sort of internet-based vehicle platforms recording judge’s commentaries and speaker presentations are insecure, can be subject to manipulation and insensitivities can result. Copyright issues may also be of concern here.
Therefore, Internet based video recording of the judging of photography club competitions is banned when APJA judges and speakers are involved.